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Car Krush is Hotboxing

Jun 22, 2023

Emdognightmare travels to the 49th Van Nationals in Old Wahshington Ohio to ask a bunch of vanner babes "what is a van?". 

Thank you El Camino Baking Co for sponsoring my Van Nat’s trip❤️
Emily’s  partner in crime, Rebecca Steele 

Thank you to all the ladies for chatting w/ me!
Giula @_g0odvibes 1984 Chevy G20 ‘Fadeen’
Hadley @retro_active13 1974 Ford ‘The Green Fuzz’
Jennifer @powderqueen_jc 1978 Dodge Shorty ‘Boogie Nights’
Emily @vandemicusa @emilynunderhill 1985 Dodge Ram ‘Vandemic'
Kelsey @barbie.vanner 1990 Ford Econoline 150 ‘Barbie The Cruisin 50s Van’
Allison @richbitchcrossstitch @hevyhauling @hevyhandmade
Rae @raeisnotokayy 1980 Chevy G10 ‘Creature Feature’
Lindsey @lindseydirt 1977 Tradesman ‘The Velvet Crease’
Carli @carlithecreator 1977 Dodge  
Sam @fetuseater21 2005 Chevy Express
Laine @plainxlain 1985 Chevy G20   ’Starfire’  

Vannationals website & insta

Past Flying Eagle Winners
Cosmic Cruiser Van

Queen of the Vans interviews: Part I, Part II, Part III 

Vans & The Truckin’ Life killer van book

Recorded, edited & mixed by Emdognightmare
Production & research Spidersfrommarz & Emdognightmare
Find us: Car Krush

Hugs, thank you & high fives to Greg Meleney for the killer tunez! 🤘