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Car Krush is Hotboxing

Dec 29, 2023

May we present to you a snack pack of our 2023 interviews. Thank you everyone for the banger year, we'll see ya in 2024!

Diane Peterson EP 83
Haylorization EP 85
Riley’s Rebuilds EP 87
Olivia Mopar EP 90
Ladies Love Lemons EP 92
Stunt with Bet EP 96

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Dec 13, 2023

525,600 part runs later will Betty’s brakes ever be done? This week Lauren takes us in on a hero’s journey through the biggest brake saga of the century; replacing her 84 Toyota Landcruiser's front brakes.

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Oct 26, 2023

Look everyone it’s our second Halloween episode!👻 Get cozy as we take you on a haunted ride w/ a 1910 Phaeton and an 80s generic Buick.

Franz Ferdinand's Phaeton 

Recorded, edited & mixed by Emdognightmare
Production & research Spidersfrommarz & Emdognightmare
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Oct 4, 2023

In Bet Part II we talk fashion, meet her stunt car Lolipop & find out who killed the electric car.

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1968 Mercedes  280sl Pagoda Top Bet’s dream build no budget

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Recorded, edited & mixed by Emdognightmare
Production &...

Sep 27, 2023

Fashionista stunt driver Bet Heykoop is gonna teach you to drive stick and yr gonna love every minute of it!

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Bet's Youtube

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Recorded, edited & mixed by Emdognightmare
Production & research Spidersfrommarz & Emdognightmare
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