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Car Krush is Hotboxing

Nov 9, 2022

This week we bring you the Chevy Heavy love triangle that is 1978s Corvette Summer. Starring a hunky Mark Hammil, hot Annie Potts & a tricked out 73 Corvette, this film hit’s the eye candy HARD. 

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Edited & mixed by Emdognightmare
Production & research Spidersfrommarz & Emdognightmare
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Nov 2, 2022

Join us for an experimental segment: “After Hourz”, a fly on the wall perspective at drag races, car show’s parties, shopping, cruising, etc… In this episode Emdognightmare & Vanessa DeMello are kickin it in an  RV w/ Olivia & Luke Crosby at the Duct Tape Drags.

Recorded, edited & mixed by Emdognightmare

Oct 26, 2022

Get ooky spooky cooky, with our fist seasonal episode of Hotboxing! Thats right ppl this Halloween we’re dressing up as podcasters that have their shit together, for today we bring you stories of cursed cars, dead hotties and electrical paranormal activity👹💀💨

Edited & mixed by Emdognightmare
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Oct 19, 2022

In this episode we talk generic codes, diy diagnostics & parts chasing.

Edited & mixed by Emdognightmare

Hugs, thank you & high fives to Greg Meleney for the killer...

Oct 12, 2022

Bombing around San Fran since the 90’s, multidimensional Tattoo artist, Cicely Daniher introduces us to her stable of classic cars🦄🌈✨

Get tatted by Sweet Cecily @ Cyclops Tattoo
Shout out to unkle Mark!

Edited & mixed by Emdognightmare
Hugs, thank you & high fives toGreg Meleney for the killer tunez!